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Historically, the Barrelman was the lookout stationed in the 'crow's nest' of an oceangoing vessel as a navigational aid.


Very much like the sailors in the old days, ​we help our customers to navigate the stormy, exciting and undiscovered areas of the digitalization. 

We help companies who already established their digital architecture to identify opportunities for potential savings and make the most of their software investments.

Companies who haven't set sails for the digital world yet, we support in choosing the best tools for their needs and we partner to implement these applications.

'Barrelman Consulting & Digital Services' was founded in Spring 2019 by Philipp Helbling in Zurich, Switzerland.


Holds a MSc in Finance from the University of Basel.


He has working 8 years of experience in digital projects working for Corporates, Startups and Venture Capital companies.

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