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SaaS Management & Digital Transformation

In today's fast-paced digital world, many businesses find that their past investments in SaaS assets are not fully leveraged, leading to untapped potential. Optimizing these assets can unlock significant efficiencies and cost savings. Additionally, aligning SaaS consumption with key performance indicators, such as correlating Salesforce costs with sales achievements, can provide valuable insights into the true value and ROI of these digital tools.

Optimize Your SaaS Spend

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective management of Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions is crucial for businesses. Efficient SaaS management goes beyond mere cost-cutting; it involves strategically aligning software investments with business goals, ensuring that each dollar spent maximizes value and drives progress.

Our approach is rooted in deep industry knowledge that entails not only the newest SaaS Platforms but also covers on-premise Software Asset Management challenges like Audit Defense and Software Demand Management. We are expertly guiding businesses through the complexities of SaaS subscription management and help understand what you are really using. By optimizing subscription expenses, we not only enhance operational efficiency but also unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.


Specialized Expertise in ServiceNow and Salesforce

Understanding the full scope of ServiceNow and Salesforce goes beyond just technical features; it's about knowing how these platforms can be used efficiently and cost-effectively. Effective management means not only being familiar with the technical side - like monitoring usage and functionality - but also having a strong grasp of the commercial aspects, such as contract terms and renewal negotiations. Barrelman specializes in this comprehensive approach.


Our team is adept at analyzing how ServiceNow and Salesforce are used in your business, identifying ways to improve utilization, and aligning this with your business needs. At the same time, we're equipped to handle the legal and commercial sides, helping you navigate contracts and renewals to get the most value from your investment.

What we focus on:

Technical Analysis and Optimization:

  • Evaluating how your organization uses its SaaS Platforms.

  • Finding opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Contract and Cost Management:

  • Understanding the details of licensing and your entitlements.

  • Helping you achieve better terms in renewals and negotiations.


Tailored Reporting:

  • We customize your reporting (eg. PowerBI) to fullfill all your internal customers' needs.

  • We work tool agnostic but are well experienced with the common SAM and SaaS Management tools.


Supporting Your Next Software Negotiation:

  • We guide and support you to prepare and negotiate your upcoming renewals.

  • We provide our long lasting experience in form of advisory on industry average pricing and custom product use rights to fulfill your organizations requirements. 

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